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Automation, digitalization and platforms are rapidly changing the economic systems and the world of work. In South Korea, especially the automotive industry and the platform economy are undergoing a rapid transformation creating new challenges for both companies and workers. For instance, the automotive industry is facing a threefold challenge: the change to electro mobility, the digitalization of production and the increasing importance of new software-based business models. The platform economy is also developing at a rapid pace accompanied by an increasing informalization of work. Self-employed workers, freelancers and contract workers are often working under indecent working conditions and lack social protection. The corona crisis has made these challenges come into focus.

In cooperation with research institutes, civil society organizations and trade unions, FES Korea analyzes the impact of automation, digitalization and platforms on the labour market and industrial relations. Based on this analysis, we aim to develop concepts for a socially just digital transformation. These concepts include policy measures to secure jobs, to provide social protection, to regulate the platform economy and to train workers to cope with the digital transformation. As a German foundation, FES also promotes dialogue and exchanges between South Korea and Germany/the EU in order to jointly develop ideas to shape the future of work.

Our latest Publications

Kim, Jong-jin

Digital platform work in South Korea

Seoul, 2021

Download publication (500 KB, PDF-File)

Baek, Seung-ho

Recent issues facing social security in South Korea

Seoul, 2021

Download publication (400 KB, PDF-File)

The South Korean auto industry in transition

A trade union perspective
Seoul, 2021

Download publication (340 KB, PDF-File)

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