Korea and the New Geopolitics of Asia

Asia has traditionally been subject to global and regional power rivalries. In the 21st century, geopolitics in Asia will play out in multiple dimensions and produce a complex pattern of competition, conflict and cooperation, all unfolding at the same time. Increased competition between the US and China, the reorganization of global supply chains and the Corona pandemic are already reshaping the geopolitical landscape of the region. With the increase of the US-China rivalry, South Korea is under increasing pressure to position itself between the US (its traditional security alliance partner) and China (its most important trading partner).

How will South Korea position itself in the new geopolitical landscape of Asia? What will be the effect of a US-China economic decoupling on South Korea´s economy? What will be the impact of an increasing US-China rivalry on Inter-Korean relations and on the prospects for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula? To which extend can South Korea´s “New Southern Policy” reduce external dependencies and diversify its foreign relations? And how can South Korea and Germany/the European Union strengthen their partnership?

FES Korea tries to contribute to the discussion of these questions and to the overall discourse on the “New Geopolitics of Asia”, e.g. through political analysis and by supporting international dialogues. As a German foundation, FES also promotes dialogue and exchanges between South Korea and Germany/the EU in order to jointly discuss current geopolitical developments and explore options for increased cooperation.

Our latest Publications

Kim, Jong-jin

Digital platform work in South Korea

Seoul, 2021

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Baek, Seung-ho

Recent issues facing social security in South Korea

Seoul, 2021

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The South Korean auto industry in transition

A trade union perspective
Seoul, 2021

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