Dieter, Heribert

Monetary regionalism

regional integration without financial crises
Seoul, 2003

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Meyer, Jürgen; Engels, Markus

The charter of fundamental rights of the European Union

Seoul, 2002

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Müller, Harald

European security at the start of the new millennium

presentation at a round table discussion of the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung on March 24th 2000

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Bongaerts, Jan C.

Trends and prospects of the environmental discussion in the European Union

paper presented to the International Conference on Environment Vision and Strategy for a New Millenium of the Korean Association of Public Administration (KAPA) on May, 12, 2000 in Seoul

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Maull, Hanns W.

Capitalism and the capitalist spirit in East Asia: a view from Europe

presentation at the Conference on Capitalism and Capitalist Spirit in East Asia" on March 24th 2000, organized by the Institute of Social Development, Seoul National University and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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Hickel, Rudolf

Nach zehn Jahren ökonomischer Transformation Ostdeutschlands: Trotz vielfältiger Fortschritte, der Aufbau Ost bleibt zentrale Aufgabe des ersten Jahrzehnts im neuen Jahrhundert

[Vortrag in Seoul, durchgeführt durch die Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Südkorea] ; Dezember 2000
onlyonlineavailable.-ElectronicBonn, 2000

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Köllner, Patrick

Whither ASEM?

Lessons from APEC and the future of transregional cooperation between Asia and Europe
Seoul, 2003

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Mayer, Peter; Schweißhelm, Erwin

The modernization of industrial relations in Germany

trends and perspectives
Bonn, 2000

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Limbach, Jutta

Rechtliche Aspekte der deutschen Wiedervereinigung

Bonn, 1999containsGermanandCoreantext.-Onlineed.onlycontainsGermantext

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Globalisation and media

Globalisation and media

Bonn, 2005

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